Welcome to the madness! My name is Kendra  I am a busy mama to 4 beautiful children, a stepmom to a beautiful daughter, and wife to an adoring husband Carmelo.  We’re294 a blended family my two boys Carmelo’s daughter and now our two together.

So what is the madness?  Quite simply it’s life. The ups and downs, the triumphs and failures, the chaos that comes with having a full house of personality’s and issues.  It’s the moments that take your breath away, the moments that catch your breath because you can’t stop laughing.  And the moments when your brought to your knees in tears and prayer.

After 18 years of being a working mom, I’m taking on a new mission as a stay at home mom and a teacher as I’m now a homeschool mom too.  I can’t say it was by choice really to give up my job, more circumstance.  I’m one of those few that actually enjoy my job, and enjoyed the people I worked with.  But In an instant our life suddenly changed when our young daughter suddenly became mentally ill.  Maybe i shouldn’t say it was sudden, it may have been gradual and we just missed the signs.   With a diagnosis of depression and anxiety with psychosis we’re learning to navigate the mental health system.

I invite you to come along with us on this new journey.   Yes we have a  lot going on and I’ve got a lot to learn, as a mom, as a teacher. This blog encompasses a little bit of it all.  Welcome to the madness.